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Join hosts Shannon Latham and Kyle Summers every week as they team up with a host of expert guests (SHED-LEBRITIES) to discuss Shed hauling, Shed sales, Marketing, Rent to Own, Shed History, Faith, and much more.

Shed Geek Podcast | Black Shed

About Shed Geek

The Shed Geek Podcast offers an in depth analysis of the ever growing and robust Shed Industry. Listeners will experience a variety of guests who identify or specialize in particular niche areas of the Shed Industry. You will be engaged as you hear amateur and professional personalities discuss topics such as: Shed hauling, sales, marketing, Rent to Own, shed history, shed faith, and much more. Host Shannon Latham and Co-host Kyle Summers are self proclaimed “Shed Geeks” who attempt to take you through discussions that are as exciting as the industry itself. Listeners of this podcast include those who play a role directly or indirectly with the Shed Industry itself.

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Meet The Geek

Shannon Latham

Shannon Latham


Kyle Summers

Kyle Summers


Many people have asked, “Why a Podcast?” The short reason, Shannon like’s to hear himself talk! But really, it’s all about timing! It’s about time we “shed a light” on the entire industry to show off the good and hardworking people that encompass it. Shannon and Kyle met over 6 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. So have fun, listen in and become a “Shed Geek” just like them.

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