Meet the Geek

About The Host

Shannon Latham, born in Paducah, KY, and raised in Olmsted, IL. He currently resides in Metropolis, IL, with his wife and two children, Aaliyah Latham, his daughter, and oldest child, and Troy Latham, his son, the youngest sibling. Shannon is a graduate of Century H.S. in Ullin, IL, and attended Shawnee Community College in Ullin, IL for business management. He served in the Illinois Army National Guard and is often quoted as “having a laundry list of bad jobs, bad bosses, and bad decisions.” Examples include a work history as a jailer/juvenile justice employee, casino bartender/hotel manager, business owner/entrepreneur, and more.

“I eventually found a home in the portable building industry, and although it took a while to get there, it has been worth the wait to find something I enjoy so much.”

Shannon first started his journey in the shed industry in purchasing, as a Procurement Coordinator, ordering all supplies necessary for shed builders, and coordinating with plant managers.  He later continued as a sales manager where he sought potential Retail Specialists and trained them on how to be successful lot owners.  To help accomplish this he relied on his own experience where he Co-owned/operated 3 different sales locations in Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  His current role is expanding the Shed Geek brand to serve across multiple sectors inside the shed industry, including 3-D / point of sale systems such as My Shed Solutions, to lumber providers such as Union Grove Lumber, and more.

He also hosts the Shed Geek Podcast where a weekly episode is published every Wednesday, bringing a variety of guest from shed haulers, dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers to the mic to discuss all things sheds.  Shannon is the biggest Shed Geek around, and he wants to help you!  If you're a customer wanting to know more about shed lot locations, delivery questions or really, anything shed related, be sure to fill out the contact form for Shed Geek advice.  If you are a company inside the industry looking to expand or explore more opportunities such as speaking engagements, product/service demo's or anything shed related consider asking the Shed Geek today.   

In his leisure time, Shannon is an avid baseball fan, in which he cheers for the St. Louis Cardinals. He enjoys drawing, reading, listening to music, and spending time in his shed office with his Boxer, Lucy, when he is not on the road meeting new shed folks.  At home, he spends his time supporting his family and doing yard work. Shannon and his family can often be found out back around the fire pit, soaking up the sunshine in the swing, taking in God’s creation.

Shannon and his family attend Brookport Church of God, located in Brookport, IL. He has served and continues to serve as a community service Chaplain by helping those suffering from addiction to attend a faith-based rehabilitation programs. He has also previously served by offering prison fellowship to those incarcerated as instructed to; “continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.” – Hebrews 13:3 (NIV).

“I suppose what makes me a SHED GEEK is that it was just at a time where I was ready to invest everything I had into a career.  The shed industry was easy in that the people were so embracing and welcoming; I just felt at home.  I would have never thought in a million years; I would be so invested in something like a shed. I’ve learned that you cannot separate ministry and work, therefore, it’s not just the shed itself; it’s the process and really it's the people.  From building and hauling to selling and every other area that touches the industry in some way, IT’S THE PEOPLE. That’s really it, the people who make it happen. If you’re doing your job, you’re ministering to them too, right? So that means they are ministering to you also. That’s what has been so cool, learning about them, their shed life experiences; that’s what makes me a SHED GEEK.”

*The place-name Latham was originally derived from the Old Norse word hlathum, which is the plural form of hlath, which means a barn. Therefore, the original bearers of the Latham surname were dwellers at the barns. “not much has changed, I guess.” – Shannon Latham